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Speak up on EU law

Are you facing problems doing business in another EU country? Do you find it difficult to comply with EU law? Tell us what you think and help the European Commission improve legislation for your business.

The European Commission wants feedback on what impact its legislative proposals and initiatives are having on small businesses. It’s ready to listen to the problems you face doing business at home or across Europe.


When drafting proposed laws affecting businesses, the Commission also consults small businesses to make sure it cuts red tape and helps you to make the most of opportunities in the European Union. It has designed a number of consultation tools to listen to your views.


The Enterprise Europe Network will connect you to these tools. We'll get your message across, using all the feedback channels available – from commenting on planned legislation and taking part in test panels to proposing alternative solutions.


Help us to shape the best possible European business policy. Contact your local Enterprise Europe Network branch today.

Updated on 24 Nov 2015