Giving old tyres a new life

With the help of the Network a polish company selling tyres - Orzeł SA- got in touch with an Austrian company -WIL AG- and found a greener and cheaper solution to recycle tyres.


 Linking up to save lives

Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, two SMEs - Sentinel Oncology & Biovica- are researching a promising new treatment, supported by €500,000 in EU funding.

Blazing a new trail for business with the EEN

A popular sport in Norway is about to get more exciting thanks to a technology developed by a seven-employee firm in the U.K. A new short video depicts the winning business partnership between a Cambridge-based producer of body monitors and the Norwegian Orienteering Federation.

Meet the experts of the Network

In search of a cure for deafness

A connection made through the Enterprise Europe Network could help British researchers to understand how the ear is formed during embryo development. A team from the University of Sussex were connected to a French institute through the Network's branches at the London Technology Network and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rhône-Alpes in France.

The sweet smell of success

Finnish entrepreneur Tuula Antola followed her nose to create an innovative business, using nanotechnology to embed any scent into her ceramic jewellery line. The idea, sparked by her daughter's toy rabbit, has doubled her company's turnover. With the help of the Enterprise Europe Network she's now set to break into the Italian and French markets.

 German version | French version

The trip of a lifetime

Many of the world's 650 million people with disabilities are travellers with special needs. For them, simple tasks can be challenging, from checking in luggage to getting on and off planes. For more than 10 years, German travel agency Weitsprung has organised guided tours around the world for individuals with reduced mobility, from those in wheelchairs to blind people accompanied by their guide dogs. Now thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, the travel agency has found a partner hotel in the sunny shores of the Aegean sea.

 German version | French version


The secret of small business success

What do a Finnish inventor, an Italian manufacturer, a German travel agent and a Greek hotel owner have in common?
They all seized the opportunity to take their businesses further with the Enterprise Europe Network.