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Success stories

A Greek SME gains a Czech distributor for its innovative mobility aid thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network.

Enterprise Europe Network connects Swedish and British small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), ensuring the safet

Innovative Swedish SME finds Lithuanian partner to bring its energy-saving innovation to the Baltic region.

When a German toymaker needed high quality parts for its products, it turned to the Enterprise Europe Network for help.

Spanish SME reels in French commercial partner to bring seafood specialities to new markets.

  • Agrofood

  • Franco-German IT partnership takes eHealth solutions to international markets thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network's help.

    Mission for excellence: bringing the best of la Rioja to the Baltic Sea coast.

  • Agrofood

  • Dutch green-energy entrepreneurs build a sustainable partnership with a UK solar panel manufacturer.

    British smart bandages support Dutch athletes thanks to a speedy Network reaction.