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Building an eco-friendly future

Technology transfer | Sustainable Construction
8 October 2015
Meet the green entrepreneurs building a bright future in energy-efficient housing.

Laying strong foundations for growth

Advice |
17 September 2015
Polish SME gets a foot in the door to the German construction market.

Changing the climate for business

Going international | Environment
1 July 2015
The Enterprise Europe Network helps take Italian energy-saving systems into the Greek market.

A clean-energy connection.

Going international |
12 June 2015
Energy-efficiency SMEs plug into new business opportunities across Europe.

A real-life toy story

Going international |

Swimming in new waters

Going international | Agrofood
21 May 2015
Spanish SME reels in French commercial partner to bring seafood specialities to new markets.

IT takes two for a healthy partnership

Going international | ICT Industry & Services
11 May 2015
Franco-German IT partnership takes eHealth solutions to international markets

From La Rioja to Rostock

Going international | Agrofood
4 May 2015
Mission for excellence: bringing the best of la Rioja to the Baltic Sea coast

Here comes the sun

Going international | Intelligent Energy
22 April 2015
Dutch green-energy entrepreneurs build a sustainable partnership with a UK solar panel manufacturer.

On the starting blocks for success

Going international |
7 April 2015
British smart bandages support Dutch athletes thanks to a speedy Network reaction.

Spanish technology makes waves in Mexico

Going international | ICT Industry & Services
26 February 2015
A Spanish technology SME expands internationally thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network.

Message in a bottle

Intellectual property |
18 February 2015
A Scottish spirits start-up prepares to make a splash after getting useful advice on intellectual property and product development from the Enterprise Europe Network.

Exploring new frontiers in Greece

17 February 2015
When a German SME specialising in cycling tourism wanted to introduce its clients to the beauty of the Peloponnese, the European Enterprise Network stepped in to help.

Producing glass with class

17 February 2015
A top UK design company finds the expertise it needs in the Czech Republic's oldest glass factory thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network.

Restocking the Baltic Sea

Access to EU funding |
16 February 2015
At short notice, the Enterprise Europe Network helps a German state-owned company assemble a winning consortium for a research project on sustainable fisheries management.