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Producing glass with class

16 December 2014
A top UK design company finds the expertise it needs in the Czech Republic's oldest glass factory thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network.

Exploring new frontiers in Greece

2 December 2014
When a German SME specialising in cycling tourism wanted to introduce its clients to the beauty of the Peloponnese, the European Enterprise Network stepped in to help.

A new class of management training

Going international |
30 October 2014
The Enterprise Europe Network matches a UK developer of executive training courses with a Czech partner

Lighting the way to new business

Intellectual property |
4 August 2014
A Belgian developer of LED panels was in the dark about ‘CE marking’ his products until the Enterprise Europe Network enlightened him.

Time for new business

Going international | ICT Industry & Services
25 June 2014
Two SMEs brought together by the Enterprise Europe Network cooperate across borders to develop a computer-controlled automatic timer.

Portuguese textiles find a new home in Italy

Going international | Textile & Fashion
29 May 2014
When Italian entrepreneurs Cristina and Irma Tolin needed high quality products for their home textile business, the Enterprise Europe Network helped them find exclusive suppliers in Portugal.

Spreading green technology for fresh water

Technology transfer | Environment
29 May 2014
When a bright and enthusiastic start up came along with a life-saving idea to provide clean water, Italian network partners joined forces to provide an extra-specialised service

Crossing cultures to find the perfect wine match

29 May 2014
The European Enterprise Network helps a UK wine importer find the perfect wine to accompany Indian and Nepalese cuisine in the Spanish region of Rioja.

Green and clean innovation

Going international |
28 May 2014
One phone call to the Enterprise Europe Network saved the day for Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH, a German maker of environmentally friendly chemical products used for cleaning, welding, lubricating and corrosion protection.

Building a secure digital future

Access to EU funding | ICT Industry & Services
28 May 2014
When a small business with a visionary idea needed a helping hand, Enterprise Europe Greece steered them onto the road to success.

A perfect match for online publishing

Technology transfer | ICT Industry & Services
25 May 2014
Combined expertise from tech companies in Norway and Hungary brings new solutions and a competitive edge for online publishers

Off on the right foot

Technology transfer |
19 May 2014
It looks like a weighing machine and measures the distribution of foot pressure. Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, the Plantograf developed by a Czech University has found a Spanish partner to fine-tune its invention.

Business across borders

Going international | Materials
7 April 2014
An Italian company specialised in energy-efficient buildings was keen to open a branch in London but had no idea how to go about it. The Enterprise Europe Network stepped in and made a complicated process simple.

A vision for the future

Access to EU funding | ICT Industry & Services
10 March 2014
A Spanish SME advised by the Enterprise Europe Network joins an EU-funded research project to develop a computer tablet for the visually impaired.

Prescription for growth

Going international |
11 February 2014
A visit to a research lab in Germany arranged by the Enterprise Europe Network opens new doors for a Finnish health technology SME.

Scoring across the board

Access to EU funding |
27 January 2014
Electronic messaging boards can display information in increasingly sophisticated ways while saving energy. An Estonian high-tech company recently set up a research consortium to develop outdoor electronic message board applications, and thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network found a partner in Northern Ireland with hands-on experience in sports scoreboards.

Training at the top

Technology transfer |
13 January 2014
A training facility for technicians in the offshore wind sector is to open in the UK thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network. For the past three years, Network members Enterprise Europe in Yorkshire and Innovation Norway have been building a platform for collaboration in the industry, and this is one exciting outcome.

The wine analysers

Technology transfer | BioChemTech
4 December 2013
It pays to know about wine when you live in Spain’s La Rioja region, where grapes have been harvested since the Phoenicians. A small biotech company from Logroño sells nano-biosensors to the food and wine industries. Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, they are now testing two portable analysers made by Biorealis, a high-tech company from Bratislava, Slovakia.

EU dough for bakery

Access to EU funding | Services and Retail
21 October 2013
A Romanian SME adds jobs and sees profits soar after getting expert advice from the Enterprise Europe Network.

Healthy air project finds perfect partner

Technology transfer | Environment
15 October 2013
When Danish entrepreneur Poul Jessen was searching for a final partner to add to a consortium looking to measure contaminants in air systems, a connection between the Jutland and Trier Network members found the ideal company to add to his bid.