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Success stories

With support from the Network, Peter Langer, CEO of Novihum Technologies, started manufacturing an innovative soil conditioning technology that improves soil fertility while reducing water use and pollution.


  • With the help of the Network, Dr Lilia Jeliazkova and her company, BalBok Engineering, embarked on a mission to hunt down and clean up hazardous waste by using a cutting-edge mobile laboratory.


  • Sports equipment innovation developed in Sweden undergoes expert testing in Italy thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network.

    While some of his university colleagues dreamt of pursuing a career abroad, young entrepreneur Fanis Koutouvelis was


  • As Spain misses out on huge profits every year due to wind turbine failures, industrial engineer Jordi Cusidó saw an


  • A common passion for innovation led brothers Christophe and Frédéric Arnaud to set up a family business and develop


  • Inspired by the ocean since he was a young boy, entrepreneur John Vickers decided to take the plunge and launch a pr

    The Enterprise Europe Network helps company win €3 million funding for a project that aims to revolutionise power di


  • The Enterprise Europe Network helps a Scottish company ready its innovation for the global market.

    British producer of brain imaging and stimulation technologies expands into Poland with help from the Enterprise Eur

    A Greek SME gains a Czech distributor for its innovative mobility aid thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network.

    Medins, a Swedish SME studying freshwater ecosystems, and Seastar Survey, a British marine environmental survey comp

    Swedish SME expands into Bulgaria with expert guidance from the Enterprise Europe Network.