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1. The Chambers are obligatory, self-existent and independent unions individual and legal, that practise commercial activity in certain region, they constitute legally persons of public right and take place under the repressive administrative monitoring of Minister of Trade (as for the legality of action in the frames of provided in those independence) that can transmit this monitoring in the local prefects, with regard to all except the Prefecture Attica Chambers. The Arcadia Chamber is a regional chamber employing about 12 persons. Its main role is the representation of enterprises, the support and provision of information and advice relating to development, innovation, technology, exports and any other activities that might help the Arcadian enterprises grow. The Chamber implements various E.U. projects in order to give its members new opportunities and assistance to develop and expand. It also participates in a number of business missions and fairs in other countries, provides information on E.U. and national funding for the enterprises and organizes seminars and events to promote its members and their products and services. I The Chamber has been a member of the Enterprise Europe Network since 2007 TILL OUR DAYS. It is also participate in the Sector Group of Tourism and Cultural Heritage since the begin of the sector group,additionally in 2013 also had the presidency of it. Secondly we participate in the Sector Group of Creative Industry. In the field of Education and Culture, the Chamber of Arcadia has implemented since 2006 various Leonardo DaVinci Mobility projects, while the transnational Gogreen project was funded by the DG of Education and Culture. The Chamber has a great interest in education and since 2009 it organises a school contest on entrepreunership, while it offers excellence prizes to students of the regional University. The co-operation between the Chamber and the education authorities is very close and fruitful.