Enterprise Europe Network

“Essentially Greek” products Virtual Matchmaking Event

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 05/10/2020
To 09/10/2020


Host organisation: 
PRAXI Network
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Deadline for registration 1st October 2020
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The Enterprise Europe Network organises food business meetings on Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th of October for top-quality, innovative food & drink producers to meet buyers, importers and distributors. The event will organise face-to-face buyer-producer pre-booked meetings based on specific companies profiles.

The matchmaking event is free of charge. Using the power of the b2match matchmaking system, this 1-2-1 networking session brings together manufacturing and processing Greek-owned enterprises with partners worldwide.

Why participate if you are a buyer?

- Schedule 30 minutes face-to-face meetings with potential business partners according to their company’s profile and your interests.
- Meet Greek producers of high-end products in the food and beverages sector.
- Initiate cross-border contacts and cooperation and expand your international business opportunities and network.
- Meet top-quality, innovative products that are created, produced and owned by Greek enterprises.These products represent Greece’s modern cultural capital, attract global recognition and are the systematic promotion of Greece as a “place of origin”.

Products addressed:
Rice products, pulses
Soft drinks, iced tea, juices, water
Meat, chicken products
Wine products, beer, spirits, ouzo
Honey, jams, bars, loukoumi, cookies, biscuits, nuts, dry fruit products
Tomato products
Olive oil products
Frozen vegetables
Dairy products
Flour products