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2019 International Ceramic Industry Expo China (Liling)

Event type:
From 28/09/2019
To 03/10/2019
Location country: 
Location city: 
Liling, Zhu Zhou City, Hunan Province, China
Location address: 
Fenghuang Avenue, Liling

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Host organisation: 
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hunan Sub-council
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Deadline for registration 31st August 2019
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2019 International Ceramic Industry Expo China (Liling) will open in Liling,Hunan on the 28th Sept 2019. It is a professional, international and reputable ceramics exhibition, which focus on the exhibiting and trading the daily using ceramics products and the artistic ceramics works.

A favorable items will be provided for the foreign exhibitors organized by EEN partners. Exhibitors’ subsidies including accommodation, international transportation and free of booth fee.

*Date:Sep. 28-Oct. 3, 2019 (Chinese National Day holiday, huge crowds of visitors)
*Location:Hall No. 4, Liling International Exhibition Centre, Liling, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China

*Classified Statistics of Participants:
1) Over 800 ceramic enterprises at home and abroad.

2) 2,000 guests in ceramic field and 21,000 domestic and foreign businessmen visited Liling Porcelain City and 462,000 domestic and foreign tourists visited major exhibition pavilions during Liling International Ceramic Fair.

3) More than 300 Chinese craftsman from the ceramic industry gathered at the exhibition site with far-reaching influence which bring active network resource.

*Impact of "Liling International Ceramic Expo
→China is the world's largest consumer of ceramics. The Liling International Ceramics Expo is a top event of the Chinese ceramics industry, which can help companies introduces different brands from all over the world to the Chinese consumer group.

→The International exhibition will build for dealers a business network covering and expanding international markets.

→The volume of trade on site is worthy of your coming;

→It is a bridge to Chinese ceramics technologies and crafts.

Registration deadline for exhibitors: 31th Aug. 2019

Please feel free to contact us for further details.According to the feedback from EEN co-partner who recruited exhibitors successfully last year, It worth to join us.