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25th International Annual Congress of the Automotive Industry in Zwickau

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Conference/Seminar/Information Day
From 12/10/2021
To 13/10/2021
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Hauptmarkt 1

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Industrie- und Handelskammer Chemnitz
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Deadline for registration 6th October 2021
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The Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Enterprise Europe Network Partners of Saxony (EEN Sachsen) hereby warmly invite you to the 25th International Annual Congress of the Automotive Industry on 12/13 October 2021 in Zwickau. Reflecting on the current developments and challenges facing the industry, the motto of this year's anniversary event is:

Revolution in the automotive industry - New ideas - New mobility - New ways

The automotive and supplier industries and their service providers are undoubtedly facing a transformation process of historic proportions. On the one hand, regulatory requirements, supply bottlenecks and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are impacting production and sales; on the other hand, the digitalisation of manufacturing, electromobility and alternative drives, autonomous and connected driving are revolutionising the automotive industry. Successful structural change and a globally competitive automotive industry require not only far-reaching partnerships, but also joint solutions from politics and business to preserve one of the most important industries in Germany.

Join us on 12/13 October in Zwickau when the automotive and supplier industry will be discussed and the course set for the future. You can expect an exciting and varied programme with renowned speakers and industry experts, which is more than fitting for the 25th anniversary of this congress.

EEN Sachsen is pleased to be able to grant special conditions of participation to foreign companies. It is possible to participate on-site in Zwickau or to follow the presentations (streamed in English) online.

Invitation and programme: https://www.chemnitz.ihk24.de/servicemarken/branchen/automobilbranche/25...

For all details mail to: nikola.loske@chemnitz.ihk.de