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AI in Manufacturing

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Brokerage Event
From 05/11/2019
To 05/11/2019
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Sensengasse 1

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Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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Deadline for registration 3rd November 2019
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Networking event for developers of artificial intelligence solutions and for manufacturing companies willing to innovate their products, services and processes.

Artificial intelligence is becoming a game changer in manufacturing. Although many manufacturing companies see the importance, only few have defined a clear approach to successfully adopt artificial intelligence in their current environment. The aim of the event is to present current trends in this domain and bring together both artificial intelligence solution developers and manufacturing companies as the end users.

By bringing together partners from Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, the event wants to capitalise on a unique concentration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing expertise and create new cross-border collaboration opportunities.

What topics will be covered?
Predictive analytics
Predictive maintenance
Automated quality control
Automated planning
Human-robot collaboration
Improved supply chain management
Consumer demand forecasting
Who should participate?
Solution developers
Hardware manufacturers
Application developers
Database providers
Manufacturing companies

Why participate?
To learn how artificial intelligence could be transferred into manufacturing

To be informed about funding opportunities for adopting artificial intelligence in order to upgrade the quality and performance of products, services and processes in your company
To present, discuss and develop new project ideas at cross-border level

Participation in the events is free of charge and each company can be represented by one representative only.