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B2B Meet&Match at Food Valley Summits Proteins of the future / Sports&Nutrition

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 10/10/2018
To 11/10/2018
Location country: 
the Netherlands
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Location address: 
Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2 D42, 6711 JC

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Host organisation: 
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
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Deadline for registration 9th October 2018
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Enterprise Europe Network organises in cooperation with Food Valley NL a b2b matchmaking during the Food Valley Summits on 10-11 October 2018.

Visitors and Exhibitors can create a free-of-charge ‘search’ account to book meetings, via both the b2match website and app, before and during the summits.

Food Valley Summits theme's:
- 10th of October Green Proteins
Green proteins – that seem to have a flourishing future in store ­– will not only improve sustainability and health, but also help build the circular economy that promises to add value for both consumers and entrepreneurs. It is no longer the time to explain why it is so urgent to transition to more-sustainable sources of protein; there is now a pressing need to implement new ideas. Prepare to be inspired by the leaders of the green protein revolution.

- 11th of October Sports & Nutrition
Awareness of the impact of personalized nutrition on sports performance is gaining ground in the (inter) national sports and (sports) nutrition sector. Other sectors are also keen to apply this knowledge and cutting-edge development for target groups such as the elderly and those in medical care. On 11 October, the focus is on presenting the latest sports nutrition concepts, technologies, products and international marketing opportunities for professionals in food, sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Who's there?
Food industry professionals. Executive managers, process and product developers, ingredient suppliers, food service and business caterers and research institutions are taking part in the summits.

There is a fee for the Food Valley Summits, so you do need to buy an entrance ticket! The b2b matchmaking is free of charge for visitors and exhibitors of the Food Valley Summits.