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Brokerage Event : 2nd international French-speaking meeting on Legumes

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Brokerage Event
From 17/10/2018
To 18/10/2018
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330 avenue de Grande-Bretagne

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INRA Toulouse
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Deadline for registration 14th October 2018
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Enterprise Europe Network (CCI Occitanie) is organising the brokerage event of the 2nd edition of the international French-speaking symposium on Legumes named " Rencontres Francophones sur les L├ęgumineuses - RFL2 " (17-18 October 2018).

This biennal event dedicated to grain legumes species was launched in 2016 by INRA (French Agrofood Research Institute), CIRAD (French Agronomy Research Institute), Terres Univia (interbranch organisation of French oilseed and oil fruit) and Terres Inovia (technical center for oilseed crops, grain legumes and industrial hemp).

Key topics :
* Genetic resources
* Agronomic solutions
* Feeding livestock
* Food and nutrition safety
* New markets and new uses: food and non-food

The symposium, held in French, welcomes international experts.
Event information and detailed program are available online : https://www.rfl-legumineuses.com/

The matchmaking event is restricted to RFL2 attendees. Due to the participation of the end-to-end value chain actors, all kind of partnerships are targeted : research and development projects, technology transfers, business agreements.
The B2B meetings, held in French or in English, will give scientific and economic actors of the grain legume sector the opportunity to exchange knowledge but also to find potential qualified partners to collaborate with, identify new applications areas or fundings to promote new projects/products.

Participants in the matchmaking event are invited to register on the dedicated platform https://rfl-legumiseuses.b2match.io/ where they can promote their organisation/projects to generate interest from potential foreign partners.