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Building new projects in manufacturing technologies - Namur (BE) - 17th january 2019

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Brokerage Event
From 17/01/2019
To 17/01/2019
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rue du moulin de Meuse 4

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NCP Wallonie & the Public Service of Wallonia | Research
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The MANUNET programme supports innovation-driven, close-to-market research and development projects in manufacturing. It aims to encourage cross-border value chains that emerge from advancing technologies.

During every first quarter of every new year, MANUNET opens a call for proposals to co-fund manufacturing research projects by preferably small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their strategic partners.

Any short-term projects with small-medium consortia are expected. Funding is dependent on national and regional programmes. More than a decade of yearly calls has proven MANUNET as an ideal complementary programme halfway between Horizon 2020 and the national/regional funding programmes.

That's why in order to support the development of new partnerhips and new projects to be proposed as answers to the 2019 Manunet call, the organizing partners have decided to set up a dedicated brokerage event in Namur mid January 2019.

The organizing partners are the Walloon authorities who are funding the projects involving Walloon partners, by the NCP Wallonie and by the Enterprise Europe Network Walloon consortium

The brokerage event targets especially SMEs, universities and research centres from Wallonia, Luxemburg and the Netherlands active in the very broad sector of industrial manufacturing technologies.

The event is open to all the Manunet partner regions ( Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Norway, Romania, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Russia), at total 24 national/regional funding programmes participate in MANUNET Initiative).

Registration link : https://manunet-namur-2019.b2match.io