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Company Mission "Brussels' Drones fly to Paris"

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Company Mission
From 27/09/2018
To 28/09/2018
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Rue Paul Badré, Bâtiment Réséda

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CCI Région Paris Ile-de-France
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Within the context of the official “Cluster Drones Paris Region’s” kick-off, the CCI Paris Ile-de-France and hub.brussels do organise a company mission - in their quality of EEN members - open to drone players and companies from more traditional sector which can benefit from the use of drones in their business.

The Cluster Drones Paris region has been created in 2016 as part of the conversion of the old base Military Air Force 217 Brétigny-sur-Orge, known for its Flight Test Center. Its mission is to support the development and structure of the professional drone Ile-de-France and to promote commercial and technological partnerships at regional level, national and international. The priority application areas are data (acquisition and data processing), logistics and flight space management.

A qualified company delegation of Brussels-based players will go to Paris for a 1 ½ company mission's day to visit and learn about the new cluster, meet their members with a view to setting up long-lasting transnational cooperation among participants. This is also meant to pave the way for a round visit & meetings at the occasion of the next DroneDays matchmaking event in Brussels, in March 2019.

The current draft programme of this company mission is as follows:

Thursday September 27th:

- From 12h00: Reception of the Belgian company delegation on Base 217
- 2h00 pm: Presentation of the Cluster Drones and start-ups
Presentation of the Belgian delegation (Cluster, Companies)
Presentation of the IDF sector of drones, projects ....
- 4.00 pm Visit of the show (a circuit to plan ... a conference)
- 8h00 pm Social event: Gala organized by the Drones cluster Paris region and its partners

Friday September 28th

- 9:00 am - 12:30 pm Speed meetings (pre-scheduled appointments)
- 12h30 - 1h30 pm: Networking Lunch (to be confirmed)
- 2h30 - 4h00 pm: Company visit (to be defined)

At Belgian level, the company mission is restricted to Brussels-based entities only .

CCI Paris-Ile-de-France will promote and host this event. Companies from Paris region are the main target but others clients from France are welcomed.