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Company mission of Russian companies to Italy and Slovenia: "Business in Riviera 2019"

Event type:
Company Mission
From 24/09/2019
To 28/09/2019
Location country: 
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Location address: 
Riva del Mandracchio, 4, 34124 Trieste TS, Italy

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Host organisation: 
Zunarelli Studio Legale Associato
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Deadline for registration 12th September 2019
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Objectives of the event:

• Establishment of business contacts with Italian and Slovenian partners with the aim of exporting products of the enterprises of the Russian Federation to Italy and Slovenia, as well as to other countries (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, etc.);
• B2B meetings and negotiations with representatives of the Italian and Slovenian business community;
• Visiting enterprises and scientific centers of Trieste to exchange experience.


• IT (from process automation and BigData to AR / VR);
• furniture and woodworking;
• food and agricultural industry;
• packaging, design and branding;
• shipbuilding and marine industry;
• instrumentation;
• tourism.

The organization of B2B meetings and the selection of potential partners for Russian companies is carried out by the Russian Agency and its long-term and reliable partners - Zunarelli Studio Legale Associato and Spirit Slovenia.


Trieste is one of the largest Italian cities and is the capital of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region, one of the most developed regions of Italy, bordering Austria and Slovenia. A large number of large and small enterprises are located in Trieste, representing such sectors as the metallurgical, shipbuilding, food processing, manufacturing, logistics and tourism.

In Trieste is one of the main ports of the Adriatic Sea, which has the status of an international free port (free economic zone); its residents, among which are Italian and foreign enterprises, enjoy tax breaks and customs credits. Due to this, the region attracts the interest of large foreign companies, in particular from Austria, China, Hungary, Slovenia and Russia.

The international importance of Trieste is also emphasized by the location of research centers and technoparks in the city: SISSA, International Center for Theoretical Physics, International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Laboratory and Synchrotron Elettra, Science Park AREA, Business Incubator BIC.

Trieste is selected as the scientific capital of Europe in 2020.
Slovenia is a country with a steadily developing economy and a high level of security; she is in the top 20 countries according to Forbes magazine in the category “best country for doing business”.

The region in which the city of Portorož is located has access to the Adriatic Sea and borders Italy and Croatia. The nearby port of Koper is a popular starting point for the European export sector and an entry point for goods from Asia and other parts of the world heading to European markets.

The proximity to one of the most developed regions of Italy, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, makes the Slovenian coast an attractive place for business, and the good location allows you to get acquainted with the business environment of both Slovenia and neighboring countries.