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COSM'ING 2018 - International Cosmetic and Biotechnology Brokerage Event

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Brokerage Event
From 04/07/2018
To 06/07/2018
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1 quai Duguay Trouin

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CBB Capbiotek
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Deadline for registration 20th June 2018
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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Brittany, in partnership with CBB Capbiotek, organizes a brokerage event on 4th July 2018 during COSM’ING (8th edition), an international symposium on cosmetic ingredients and biotechnology. This event will take place in Saint-Malo in Brittany (France) from the 4th July to 6th July 2018.

Growing demand for sustainable products or natural cosmetic actives led the ingredients suppliers to develop many sustainable, performing and innovative biotechnological processes for industrial production of actives or additives. Thus, in the last few years, sustainable ingredients obtained from plant cell cultures (stem cells), fermentation, enzymatic hydrolysis or synthesis reactions appeared successfully on the market and are now present in cosmetic products of many brands.

Since 1998, COSM’ING has become a benchmark event offering deep insights into the latest technological developments and an opportunity for stakeholders to network. During this 8th edition, the following topics will be highlighted through 4 thematic sessions of communications and flash talks:
• Biotools and Bioinspiration
• Bioproduction
• Biosurfactants
• Microbiome and phages

Who and why participate in COSM'ING ?
Representatives from academia and industry attend to this event to identify, engage and enter into strategic partnerships. The networking character is one strenght of this event.
COSM'ING offers you a chance for meeting new partners and exchanging ideas for collaborative research project, technology transfer, formulation and evaluation services, production partner and commercial opportunities, in pre-arranged 30 minute one-to-one meetings.

Focus on the BtoB meetings :
- Promote your research and/or business
- Find ingredient & raw materials supplier
- Build new partnership for R&D projects
- Find buyers and/or distributors
- Find new financing opportunities
- Explore option of technology transfer

Focus on the symposium :
- Discover different applications of cosmetic biotechnology
- Discover the latest industrial innovations
- Achieve greater understanding of plant and marine cell cultures, enzymatic and fermentation processes, skin microbiology, "omics" and cosmetics
- Promote your work by applying for the award session for the best presentation

How much does it cost?
The participation is not free: between 120€ to 1000€ (duty free-VAT 20%). If a company wants to take part only in the brokerage event, the participation fee is between 120€ and 140€ (duty free-VAT 20%). You could find all the details related to the participation fees on the b2match platform: https://cosming-2018.b2match.io/.

Nota: Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) partners benefit from a 10% discount: insert the promotion code REMSPE10 when paying.