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CUBE IN: Training on How to Do Business in Emerging Markets: An Intercultural Preparation Seminar for South-Eastern European and Balkan SMEs?

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From 06/10/2018
To 06/10/2018
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New Karvali

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Praxi Help Forward
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Internationalising SMEs often focus on developed markets, such as the US or the EU, because they offer, both, a big market to grow the business, but more importantly, it feels familiar. But growing SMEs into businesses with global reach means reaching out to emerging economies. And here, the unfamiliar can feel bigger and the potential market more intimidating.

Enterprise agencies and other supporting agencies generally help with the technical and legal unfamiliarities. But the biggest barrier to business abroad is often culture. Internationalising SMEs need to build trust with new partners, subcontractors, distributors, and all parts of an expanding value chain. There is a value gap in the support services that these SMEs are receiving.

In the frame of the KAVALAEXPO 2018 (https://www.kavalaexpo.gr/), CUBE IN offers an intercultural training session for European SMEs in the food sector interested in expanding towards Turkey.

The 3-hours training session will include the topics of cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication and international marketing. Sector specific case studies will be used to analyse intercultural misunderstandings and practice solutions for challenges related to internationalization. This EU-owned programme financed by Horizon 2020 meets multiple policy goals – market entry, export growth, and product innovation.

After the training session, there will be time to discuss individual questions and challenges.

This training session is fully funded by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME) and part of the project www.cubein.eu