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Cultural Heritage Matchmaking @ SuperScienceMe

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 27/09/2018
To 28/09/2018
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Rende (CS)
Location address: 
Via Pietro Bucci

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Host organisation: 
SPIN - Ricerca Innovazione e Trasferimento Tecnologico S.r.l.
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Deadline for registration 17th September 2018
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In the region of Riace's bronzes, the Cultural Heritage Matchmaking @ SuperScienceMe offers a forum for matching advanced cultural heritage technologies, innovation demand of cultural institutions and cities, novel applications from SMEs, and technical challenges of large companies.

The event is organised in conjunction with the fifth edition of a large event for the annual “European researchers’ night, jointly organised by University of Calabria, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, the National Research Council (CNR), and the Calabria Region.

The brokerage event gathers relevant Italian experiences on cultural heritage technologies, applications and needs, with a particular focus on Magna Graecia, to challenge a national and international audience composed of:
- companies, including technology oriented SMEs and cultural and creative industries;
- universities and research institutions, technology centres;
- public and private cultural operators, such as museums, libraries, parks, foundations, etc.;
- technological clusters, innovation agencies;
- local and regional government representatives, policy makers.

The brokerage event offers access to:
- Technical Challenge from large accounts;
- Access to large specialised R&D infrastructures based in Calabria;
- B2B meetings.

In addition, in conjunction with the main exhibition SuperScienceMe, the event offers:
- an exposition area for companies, R&D projects, installations (free of charge, deadline for application 30 June 2018)
- a conference with seminars and workshop sessions (deadline for proposals 30 June 2018)

SuperScienceMe on Cultural Heritage’s topics cover the whole chain of cultural heritage, from identification and diagnostic to monitoring, restoration, conservation, and valorisation. A non-exhaustive list includes:
- non-invasive techniques for identification and diagnostics of artefacts;
- advanced techniques for surveys of archaeological sites;
- tools and techniques for underwater archaeology (detection, recovery, treatment, etc.)
- advanced monitoring techniques, including ambient conditions and natural risks (eg., seismic events);
- virtual restauration, simulation, virtual environments;
- knowledge management and AI for classification, management and valorisation of cultural heritage assets;
- software tools for planning and managing complex operations;
- innovative experiences for the valorisation of cultural assets;
- innovative installations and fruition mechanisms.

More info: https://chm2018.b2match.io/