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DURABLE Foros on Robotic & Aeronautic Tech. for solar & wind O&M activities

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Brokerage Event
From 02/04/2020
To 22/04/2020


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Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía
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The DURABLE CONSORTUIM, in cooperation with regional nodes of the EEN, have organized “Durable Forums on robotic and aeronautic technologies for solar and wind energy O& M activities ”, as framework of exchange demands and technology offers, for inspection and maintenance of solar and wind infrastructures.

Durable Foros have two main activities:

Technology Webinars: 3 webinars will take place along April 2020. Contents will be the same in all of them, but the main language will be different in each one. Non-native speakers of the priority language in each one, will presents in English. Duration:1 hour
Spanish (April 2nd 2020)
English (April 8th 2020)
French (April 22nd 2020)
Virtual B2B meetings between technology providers of DURABLE consortium and assistants to the webinars.

Topics addressed:
Unmanned Aerial Systems for O&M at solar and wind sector
Non-Distructing inspection technologies for O&M at solar and wind sector
Unmanned Aerial Systems for O&M at solar and wind sector
Additive Manufacturing
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Automated composites repair technologies

Target groups:
SME on O&M at solar and wind sector
Other enterprises on O&M at solar and wind sector
Robotic and Aerospace Technology providers accross Europe (Universities, Research institutes, others...)

DURABLE project
Durable, cofinanced by Interreg Atlantic Area, brings together experts from different fields and countries with the objective of boosting renewable energy in the Atlantic area.

The goal of DURABLE is to accelerate the performance of renewable energies through the validation and demonstration of aeropsace technologies applied in robotics for operation and maintenance activities of wind and solar energy systems. The application of this technology will automate inspection and repair tasks, reducing costs and favoring production.

The final phase of the project will be focused on the design of pilot operations accounting for the final technologies used and tested in the other WPs and the characteristics of the host wind and solar installations.