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EU-Japan Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference 2022

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 26/09/2022
To 30/09/2022


Host organisation: 
EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
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Deadline for registration 23rd September 2022
Registration: (1 month left)


Since 2016, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation as the partner of Enterprise Europe Network in Japan, has been organizing a Brokerage Event in Biotech and Pharma sectors in Osaka, Japan.

This year, the EU-Japan Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference will be held with an hybrid format!

Online Partnering Sessions: 26 - 30 September 2022
On-site Partnering Sessions: 11 October 2022, Osaka, Japan

All meetings need to be arranged in advance via the online platform. Online sessions in September will be held in the form of video calls, which can be made directly via this partnering platform without the need for any additional software. On-site partnering on October 11 will take place at a location in downtown Osaka. Participants to these sessions will be informed of their latest meeting schedule with exact meeting time and location prior to October 11. Details about the exact location will be announced at a later date. Remote participation in the on-site sessions in Osaka will not be possible.

Being Japan’s second largest city, Osaka is a major economic centre for Biotech and Pharma industry in Japan and hosts several biotech clusters. Historically, a large number of pharmaceutical companies have been concentrated in Osaka. Nowadays, bio-related pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and their surrounding companies, including chemical and medical equipment companies are accumulated around Osaka and forming clusters.

During the event, business representatives of EU companies will have an opportunity to attend pre-arranged B2B meetings with Japanese companies from the Kansai region. The event serves a perfect platform to meet representatives of Japanese companies and accelerate opportunities for potential business partnerships between EU and Japanese companies.

The business matching event is reserved only to European Union companies and to local Japanese companies operating in below sectors.

Target fields of the event:

- Drug discovery and drug discovery support
- Regenerative medicine
- Therapeutic agents, diagnostic agents
- AI and IoT technologies related to 1.-3
- Digital Medicine (AI-assisted Drug Development, Drug-Device combinations etc.)

Registration website.
All potential participants are asked to register via b2match platform, however the organiser will double check whether the candidate is relevant to the event.