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Forum of Education "Youth at the Doorstep of the Business World"

Event type:
Conference/Seminar/Information Day
From 20/10/2021
To 22/10/2021
Location country: 
Bosna and Herzegovina
Location city: 
Location address: 
Patrijarha Pavla 1

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Deadline for registration 18th October 2021
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The vision of the forum is formed around the opinion that The Forum of Education should be a space where higher education institutions, government representatives and businesses create an open system intending to improve the education system, labor market, economic
development and social development.
The mission of the Forum is to bring together acclaimed members of government agencies, academia, diplomatic staff, chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture.
The idea of The Forum of Education Bijeljina 2021 is to nurture the connection between relevant participants and thus through the presentation of project activities present the concept of new cycles of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, which will be founded on the partnership among the government, economy and higher education institutions. This partnership will result in social development and, therefore, a greater level of satisfaction among students and high school pupils.
The main aim of the Forum is to create an important business and educational event in the region for the dissemination of knowledge and business ideas through dialogue, discussions
and exchanges of opinions.
The organizing committee aspires that The Forum of Education will offer key takeaways for enhancing the education system while reconciling the needs of the labor market and economic entities to achieve the satisfaction of students, high school pupils and employers. By providing that, the Forum will be seen as a distinguished convention in the future.

Participants will have the opportunity to:
Find partners for R&D/ educational projects and build a consortium;
Present technologies;
Discuss possibilities for cooperation;
Meet representatives of research institutes, universities and companies from different countries;
Find business partners for collaboration.
Participants may have up to 15 pre-scheduled bilateral meetings. One meeting can take up to 20 minutes.
Participation is free of charge.