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GAME WAVE FESTIVAL 2021 (conference, expo, game jam, B2B matching, job market and more all in one package)

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Brokerage Event
From 24/09/2021
To 26/09/2021
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Latvian Technological center
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Deadline for registration 15th June 2021
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A fully on-site 3 day games industry festival open for all genres. With a special game tracks on XR, mobile and board games in the seaside resort city of Jūrmala!

GAME WAVE FESTIVAL 2021 is a conference, expo, game jam, B2B matching, job market and more all in one package, fully on-site. Held in a seaside resort hotel, it is the perfect balance of games industry fun, relaxation, business and education.

And the best part: attendance in the conference, expo, game jam, B2B matching and job market is completely free!

Who can participate?
In short: anyone!

Enthusiasts and interested parties - do not work in the games industry, but wish to know more and have fun? Attend the beginner level talks in the conference, learn of new technologies and games in the expo, see games made in real time during a 48 hour game jam and explore the biggest resort city on the shores of the Baltic Sea - Jūrmala.
Students - boost your knowledge and contacts, perhaps even pave the way for your career in the games industry, test your abilities by attending the game jam.
Game developers - learn, exchange knowledge and get inspired in the conference and expo, challenge yourself in the game jam and gain new business and partnership opportunities in the B2B matching and job market.
Game and technology enterprises - take part in the expo, job market and B2B matching, find partners and employees, discuss new technology, innovative solutions and trends, discover new products and services.

Main features
Conference - 3 days, 2 simultaneous tracks featuring games industry, XR, mobile and board games professionals;
Game jam - 48 hours to create your game during the event, industry veterans will be encouraged to work with novices and checkpoints, and results presented on the main stage;
Expo - an exposition of games, game technologies and art installations, boosted by exciting workshops;
Business to business meetings - 2-3 day intense B2B matching to find your perfect games industry employer, employees, product, service, partners supplemented with..
Job market - see what positions are available or showcase your own company and it's available positions;
Afterparty - catch up with speakers, organizers and attendants to cement your business deal, exchange ideas, and knowledge, and spend the evening with excitement;
Satellite events - to be announced..