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Global Business Innovation Programme visit to Silicon Valley

Event type:
Company Mission
From 03/02/2019
To 08/02/2019
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San Jose
Location address: 
The Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd. Mountain View, CA 94043

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Exemplas Ltd
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Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme, delivered by Enterprise Europe Network, is organising a space visit to Silicon Valley for businesses working in the space and satellite sector that are looking to innovate and grow internationally.

The programme will enable successful applicants to meet with investors in the sector and provide insight into the requirements of successfully doing business in the US market.

Delegates will have the opportunity to pitch to venture capital companies and attend the SmallSat Symposium 2019 to meet with potential partners, investors and customers.

Why Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is the home to many start-up, technology and data
companies, presenting opportunities for UK businesses in the space and satellite sector to form collaborative partnerships and plan for future growth.

The visit includes a trip to Los Angeles, a central hub for businesses active in space, satellite, infrastructure and innovation, to network and pitch with potential partners and investors.


Flights, five nights accommodation (one representative per company) and subsistence will be funded through the Global Business Innovation Programme.

Benefits of the Programme

• Participate in a bespoke, intensive pitch training workshop to refine your proposition and prepare for generating investor interest.

• Access individual coaching sessions to ensure you are fully prepared for the visit.

• Network with potential customers, partners and investors in the US.

• Gain insight into what it takes to do business and be successful in the target market.

• Access post-visit support to exploit the opportunities from the programme.


To participate in this visit, you must be an innovative SME, active in the space sector and established in the UK.

You must participate in two pre-mission workshops to support with creation of pitches tailored to the US market.