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Hybrid B2B-Meetings at automotive.2022

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 05/07/2022
To 06/07/2022
Location country: 
Location city: 
4020 Linz
Location address: 
Untere Donaulände 28

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Host organisation: 
Business Upper Austria
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Deadline for registration 4th July 2022
Registration: (1 week left)


The B2B-Meetings are an important part of the conference "automotive.2022". The scheduled face-to-face meetings offer an ideal opportunity to identify potential cooperation partners and to establish interesting business contacts. Every participant selects his conversation partners individually and has 20 minutes to exchange about projects and products.

Register for the B2B-Meetings at: https://b2b-automotive2022.b2match.io/

When registering for the B2B-Meetings you can choose between on-site (physical) and virtual (remote) participation.

- If you choose virtual participation, you can have virtual meetings (video conferencing via the website) on 6 July with all other participants registered for the virtual B2B-sessions! Participation in the B2B-Meetings is free of charge.

- If you choose on-site participation, you can have virtual meetings on 6 July as well but also on-site meetings on 5 July at the venue of the conference. In this case a separate registration for the conference is necessary!

Deadlines for registration:
- as virtual participant: 5 July 2022
- as on-site participant: 30 June 2022

About the conference "automotive.2022", 5 July (on-site):

The motto of automotive.2022 is "local, global and sustainable". The yearly conference of the Upper Austrian Automotive Cluster starts with Workshops & B2B-Meetings in the morning and continues with exciting Keynotes and Networking Possibilities.

Conference language will be German. The details about the conference programme and the registration fees are published at: https://www.automobil-cluster.at/automotive-conference/

During the breaks, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas in the exhibitor area and to visit the Motor Show. The event in Linz is the ideal location to connect Austria's mobility community with international partners, to spread fresh ideas and concepts and to move into the future strengthened together.

For participation in the conference (on-site only) a separate registration is necessary at: https://www.automobil-cluster.at/automotive-conference/

Topics addressed by the B2B-Meetings?

Alternative Drive Technologies
Hybrid Drive
Electric Vehicles
Fuel Cells / Hydrogen
Battery Technologies

Connected Mobility
Car to car communication
Navigation / multimedia
Voice command
Autonomous Driving

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Circular Economy
Green Materials
Sustainable Lightweight Technologies

Why participate?

- Publish and showcase your most favourable projects, products, services or know-how
- Targeting potential business partners in pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings
- Initiate (cross-border) contacts and co-operations in a time and cost-efficient way
- Find new commercial/technological/research partners
- Get latest information on industrial related research results and trends
- Meet and share views with industry experts and researchers

Who can you meet at the event?

- Start-ups
- Producing companies mainly with focus on automotive (supply chain)
- OEMs & Tier1s
- Research institutions
- Universities
- Cluster organizations