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ICT company mission from Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany to Wroclaw, Poland

Event type:
Company Mission
From 16/10/2019
To 19/10/2019
Location country: 
Location city: 
50-072 Wrocław
Location address: 
Pawła Włodkowica 6

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Host organisation: 
Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
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Shaping Digital Transformation Together With Other Countries

Digitalisation is a driver of globalisation. Half of the world's population has today access to the internet.
There is hardly any company which does not rely on digital solutions. Integrated value chains, industry 4.0, e-commerce, social networks and digital platforms mean that the world is coming ever closer together. If we want to make full use of the opportunities provided by digital transformation for the benefit of all enterprises and societies, we will need a joint, international cooperation and a call for action!

Two cities – one business.
During the company mission we will be discussing how companies across Europe are attuned to the urgent need to transform their business and operating models, in light of evolving customer behaviours, disruptive technologies, regulatory policies, and globalization.

We will be taking digital transformation to the next level by showing you best practices and talking about implementations with business leaders in order to provide a global perspective on the capabilities and characteristics needed to succeed in a world where digital transformation is evolving fast. Multinational corporations are present in Wroclaw across a broad spectrum of industries, including automotive, consumer goods, energy, financial services, industrials, life sciences, and retail – same as fast growing startups in Berlin.

Best practices from both Berlin and Wroclaw will show, that innovative digital transformations can be done in cooperation - we not only want to establish a dialogue between the IT companies themselves, but also with the companies that need these technologies to assert their business.