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Innovation Festival Tirana 2018

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Brokerage Event
From 18/09/2018
To 20/09/2018
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Skanderbeg Square Nr.8

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Host organisation: 
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana
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Deadline for registration 5th September 2018
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Innovation Festival in Tirana is the first of its kind in our region.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, considering the need to increase the added value of products and services, exploring new markets, has brought the focus of new companies and early investors, to direct their portfolio of investment in innovative projects.
Investments in tourism, technology and energy are seen as new entrepreneurial opportunities.
This leads to the need to promote human resources capacities, younger generation to invest in new technologies that increase the productivity and competitiveness of Made in Albania trademark. Entrepreneurship considers as a partner the central and local government to stimulate INNOVATION together.
Over 500 participants from across the region come together to promote and present their best practices, ideas and innovative projects in Tirana.


1. Start-up
3. Energy
4. Telecommunication
5. Technology
6. Financial Institutions/ Banks
Target groups that bring technological and innovative change.

For the organization of this event, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana will cooperate with the Municipality of Tirana, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Protik, Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Albania (WKO), Regional Chambers in Balkan, G77, UNIDO, etc.
This partnership comes as a need that the best presented projects, selected from a professional jury, find their way to be implemented on field. So, it is not thought to award a price, but to implement this innovative ideas.
Why this format?
Globalization stimulates the increase of competitiveness. In the global market are emerging new competitors, especially in low-cost countries, but also great opportunities to enter the global markets, while stimulating the development of the necessary knowledge, to create sustainable competitive advantages and this is possible through continuous INNOVATION.
For every business that operates on the market there is a permanent challenge to maintain and protect a certain position in the market, it is even greater the challenge to export and explore new markets.
Being a dedicated event in specific areas, part of it will be only the companies participating during the three days, the commercial attaches in our country that will bring companies from their countries to support new ideas of Albanian and regional companies. A long list of companies from all the countries of the region, WB6 (Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia). Also companies from Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Netherlands, UK, United Arab Emirates, etc, who will have B2B meetings, also supporting the best projects. It is also aimed a live conference with the Toronto Summit at the opening of this Festival.