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Invitation for B2B meetings within 4th edition of InterNanoPoland 2019

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 16/10/2019
To 16/10/2019
Location country: 
Location city: 
40-202 Katowice
Location address: 
Aleja Roździeńskiego 16

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Host organisation: 
Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Developments Ltd.
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Deadline for registration 14th October 2019
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Enterprise Europe Network team affiliated at the Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. in Gliwice is organizing B2B session during the InterNanoPoland 2019.

InterNanoPoland is the biggest science and business conference in Poland, devoted only to the topic of nanotechnology. It is an international forum for scientists, entrepreneurs, business-related institutions and students working on nanotechnology and advanced materials.

Detailed information on the event is available on the conference’s website: www.internanopoland.com

Participating in this B2B event is a unique opportunity to establish cooperation with many domestic and foreign partners one day in one place! Businesses talks will provide a great opportunity to find partners for business, research or common projects.

B2B meetings organised during the conference will allow to develop business networks and strong consortiums aimed at effective participation in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects.

Organizers will give you all help connected with registration on broker meeting, meeting schedule and receiving all contacts after meetings.

B2B meetings will be devoted to all fields and industries. We especially invite companies and institutions from the following sectors:
- nanotechnologies;
- advanced materials;
- IT;
- biotechnology;
- medicine;
- advanced manufactory and production methods.

Why to join matchmaking event?
- to have an opportunity to share the ideas, set networks and form new business plans with top level Managers;
- to initiate new business and new contacts;
- to strengthen and expand existing business contacts,
- to establish cross-border contacts for long future co – operations;
- to exchange experience with other companies and business partners;
- to develop new ideas,
- to get to know the latest trends, technologies and innovations;
- to meet companies – providers of innovative technologies and solution in your area of activity;
- to make several important meeting during one day;
- to enhance new business opportunities and collaborations.

Participation in the machmaking event is free of charge and includes:
- business assistance of the Enterprise Europe Network partners before, during and after the event;
- personalised meeting schedule;
- coffee breaks.

How it works?
It takes 3 easy steps:
1. Register at this website and create your own profile, so others know what you are looking for (You will receive verification email).
2. Select the meetings that you are interested in and accept incoming bookings.
3. Shortly before the event you will receive a personalized meeting schedule.

Participation in B2B meetings is free of charge.