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Macedonia Manufacturing Expo Brokerage Event 2019

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 25/09/2019
To 26/09/2019
Location country: 
Republic of North Macedonia
Location city: 
Location address: 
Bul. Oktomvriska Revolucija br.15

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Host organisation: 
Foundation for Management and Industrial Research Skopje
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Deadline for registration 20th September 2019
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If you are a manufacturing company in the machine building, process equipment production or the plastic processing industry, and you are looking for new reliable suppliers then Macedonian Manufacturing Expo Brokerage Event 2019 is the place for you!

Macedonia Manufacturing Expo Brokerage Event 2019 is North Macedonia's premier business-to-business matchmaking event for the light manufacturing industry. It brings together foreign and domestic buyers with local suppliers through pre-matched, targeted and deal-oriented B2B meetings that lay the foundations for future partnerships and more efficient supply chains.

The Expo promotes the potential of North Macedonia's light manufacturing industry, while also allowing investors to get quick and easy overview of the sector's supply chains. The Expo supports the development of the light manufacturing industry by facilitating and efficient exchange of technology, know-how and finance, resulting in faster and more inclusive growth.

It is an excellent opportunity for meeting potential partners via targeted B2B meetings, set up in advance and in line with buyers interests and requirements. The streamlined B2B event will consist of direct meetings between buyers and pre-matched local companies that have capacities to meet requirements, thus optimizing buyers' invested time.

What you can find?
• Machine parts and metal assemblies
• Tools, molds and die casts
• Custom hydraulic and pneumatic parts
• Tanks and reservoirs
• Metal structures
• Composite materials
• Process equipment
• Plastic, rubber and glass products