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Matchmaking event - Cluj-Napoca: International Innovation Partnership; Clusters - Ecosystems for Innovation and New Business

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 20/09/2019
To 20/09/2019
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Lombului Street

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Host organisation: 
Northern Transylvania Clusters Consortium
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Deadline for registration 6th September 2019
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The matchmaking C2C, B2B, C2B is organised in the frame of "Clusters: Ecosystems for Innovation and New Business" - The 5th Transylvanian International Clusters Conference.

If you are interested in cross-sectoral collaborations, support for innovation, development of new businesses and widening their opportunities at an international level, the event is the right place to came.

The matchmaking will gather together participants for all over the world - Europe, Asia, North America at the biggest cross-sectoral event in the South-Eastern Europe.

The brokerage event will bring representatives and members of national and international Clusters from different fields of work - ICT, Creative Industries, Agro-food Industry, Energy, Furniture Industry - promoting sectoral and cross-sectoral collaboration models for addressing the present's global challenges.

For whom?

You are invited to take part of this machmaking event if you are interested for an international collaboration with companies from different domains.

Areas of activity:
• Creative Industries
• Energy
• Agrofood & Agriculture
• Furniture
• E-Health
• New materials
• Related industries
• Other industries

The event addresses Clusters, as entities and also, their members or potentials members (companies, institutions or start-ups), interested in the implementation of innovative idea and technologies, in building new connections and business collaborations.

Why to participate?

- Showcase your most favorable projects, products or know-how
- Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations
- Find new commercial/technological/research partners
- Present, discuss and develop new projects
- Meet and share views with researchers and experts

Steps to participate:
• Register online
• Fill a complete profile of your organization
• Look for interesting profiles of participants
• Request/Accept meetings
• That is it! You will get an e-mail with the schedule of confirmed meetings!

Costs: Free of charge