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New Challenges of Modern Transport Logistics in Ukraine. International Freight Forwarder Day

Event type:
Conference/Seminar/Information Day
From 28/05/2019
To 28/05/2019
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Pushkinskaya str., 15

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Odessa regional chamber of commerce and industry
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Deadline for registration 23rd May 2019
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For the 17th time, the conference invites representatives of small and medium businesses who cooperates in the field of trade, transport and logistics. The high-level representatives (managers of transport companies and organizations) who make decisions, as well as experts and specialists who are engaged in the processing of a given issue at the technical level, are invited.

Odessa is the largest city in the south of Ukraine. Due to its position on the Black Sea coast, it has become one of the main transport arteries of the country. In the Odessa region there are a number of other large ports: Chernomorsk, Yuzhny and others.

Ukraine pays great attention to the development of transport infrastructure in the south of Ukraine and routes connecting seaports with major industrial and agricultural regions. In this regard, the efficiency of the logistics system and its processes plays an important role in increasing the economic potential of the region.

Purpose of the event:
- Activation of cooperation between the participants of transport and forwarding and logistics activities for the development of the competitiveness of organizations and improving the quality of services provided.
- To combine the efforts of representatives of national private business and international business community to share experiences and best practices in transport and logistics.
- To raise awareness of market participants about new products and services in the field of transport and logistics (insurance, digital transport corridors, trade documents, etc.)
- To search new business possibilities and partnership.

Free participation on pre-registration.