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Nordic Battery Belt

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Brokerage Event
From 29/11/2021
To 30/11/2021


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Deadline for registration 28th November 2021
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Nordic Battery Belt is part of NordicHub concept, which concentrates growing contacts and business in the Nordic markets. NordicHub works as a bridgebuilder between companies, clusters and networks within the Nordics. The mission is to help business to grow in Nordic markets, promote and facilitate collaboration between clusters and guide companies and organizations to the nordic growth path.

Nordic Battery Belt event is targeted for all the interested companies and organizations interested in battery industry.
The green shift is certainly on the rise and that offers tremendous opportunities for the Nordic countries. A new industry being shaped will have a huge impact, not only in the Nordics but globally as well.

These huge investments will in the early stage, not only require efforts in building new infrastructure, but also new logistic solutions. In the next phase this new ecosystem will require a new way of working together cross different industries and between companies and clusters.

The event is for Nordic companies & organizations that operate in the battery business to have the opportunity to connect and plan their future in this new ecosystem.

Nordic Battery Belt event will consist of webinars ad matchmaking event. All the interested Nordic participants in sector can participate to the virtual matchmaking evet, The mathcmaking event allows the participants to meet virtually and start more targeted discussion about t he potential cooperaton. Registration: B2M will be opened soon. Registration is open until 29th of November as well as booking of meetings.