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Open Data Hub B2B Matching

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Brokerage Event
From 01/10/2021
To 01/10/2021
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Via A. Volta 13/A

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NOI Techpark
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General Description:

The Open Data Hub B2B Matching is an online brokerage event that aims to bring together businesses, researchers and experts in the field of data management to foster new collaborations and business opportunities.
The brokerage event will take place on Friday 1 October from 14:30 to 16:30.The participants expected are between 100 and 200. The event is free of charge and it will be held online using the online platform B2match.com.
The B2B has an international dimension, as it involves various local and transnational EEN partners as co-organizers (mainly in Italy, Austria and Germany).

*REGISTER NOW*: https://opendatahubday.b2match.io/

The Open Data Hub Day 2021:

The brokerage event is organized as part of the Open Data Hub Day 2021, hybrid event showcasing best practices, latest technologies and state-of-the-art softwares for managing and sharing data.
During the main event, speakers will present examples of use as well as innovative technologies used and connected with the Open Data Hub project. Several experts and representatives from leading companies will present their expertise (such as Alperia, A22, STA, CISMA, and IDM) as well as NOI Techapark's scientific partners (Eurac Research and the Free University of Bolzano).

Target Group:

- Decision makers in organizations which are using data or have the need to collect, share and analyse data.
- Researchers who develop AI and other predictive algorithms are an important target.
- Decision makers in organizations or companies that could become Open Data Hub customers or partners in the future.
- Developers that will use data provided by the Open Data Hub and have need to better know the technical aspects.