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Pre-new year meetup with the researchers of University of Maribor

Event type:
Conference/Seminar/Information Day
From 12/12/2019
To 12/12/2019
Location country: 
Location city: 
2250 Ptuj
Location address: 
Muzejski trg 1

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Host organisation: 
University of Maribor
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Deadline for registration 11th December 2019
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After a well-attended last year event, the University of Maribor organizes 4. Pre-new Year Meetup with Researchers at the University of Maribor, Thursday, 12th December 2019 at 9.30 AM in the premises of the Dominican Monastery in Ptuj (Muzejski trg 1, 2250 Ptuj).

The event enables a relaxed gathering with researchers of the University of Maribor, businessmen and policymakers in the desire to consolidate existing and create new R&D and business connections and to present the functioning of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in the countries of the European Union.

At the meeting, we will present possibilities for R&D cooperation in the EU, research competences and capacities of the University of Maribor and this year's most rewarding achievements of researchers at the University of Maribor.

A round table will be organized on the subject of cooperation between the University and the economy, where some of the high-profile good practice examples of transferring knowledge and technologies from academic to business environment will be presented. In the debate, you will learn about the functioning of corporate ecosystems in the countries of the European Union, where you will have the opportunity to talk with successful leaders of foreign initiatives.

In this way, we want to emphasize the importance of cooperation between researchers and the economy, because good cooperation between the scientific-research sphere and the economy is a key precondition for the effective functioning of the innovation ecosystem.

Participation at the event is free.