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Reducing, Reusing and Recycling - Business opportunities in a circular economy, Oslo 26th September 2018

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Brokerage Event
From 26/09/2018
To 26/09/2018
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Øvre Slottsgate 3

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Innovation Norway
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Deadline for registration 12th September 2018
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The conference and brokerage event “Business opportunities in a circular economy” will be held in Oslo 26th September 2018.

This year’s event will be part of the official programme for Oslo Innovation Week: http://oiw.no/

The event will focus on the following topics:
- reducing material and resource inputs
- maintaining the value of products, materials and resources for as long as possible
- minimising the generation of waste
- replacing non-renewable resources with biomass
- protecting oceans and land from waste and litter by remediating existing concentrates, mitigating new pollution and developing biodegradable bio plastics.
- R&D, new business models and value chains

We are therefore looking particularly for SMEs, large companies and researchers within the following areas:
- waste, recycling, reuse and recovery
- water smart society
- alternative sources and efficient use of energy and materials

By attending the event you will meet key stakeholders in the European Circular Economy and enhance your opportunities to find partners for future Horizon 2020 projects.

• The brokerage event will be a great opportunity to meet international business partners, technology suppliers, potential clients and researchers for future Horizon 2020 collaboration.

Steps to participate:
- Register for the brokerage event before 12th September
- Complete a profile of your organization
- Describe your need and what you can offer!
- Look for interesting profiles of participants
- Request/accept meetings!
- You will receive a personal meeting schedule

Fee: Participation is free of charge.

Additional Support:

•Support from your local EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) partner during the registration process and profile creation to ensure promising and fruitful discussions.
•Assistance from EEN staff throughout the event.