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Sharing Islands 2018 - Sharing Economy Conference

Event type:
Conference/Seminar/Information Day
From 28/11/2018
To 01/12/2018
Location country: 
Location city: 
San Cristóbal de La Laguna-Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Location address: 
José Luis Moreno Becerra s/n. Aulario general del Campus de Guajara.

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Host organisation: 
Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias
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On 28th November untll 1st December 2018 the Conference “Sharing Islands 2018" takes place in:

• Gran Canaria 28 th November -30th November 2018.
Centros demostrador TIC Turismo en el recinto de Infecar (Infecar Fair). Avda. de la Feria, número 1. 35080, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
• Tenerife 29th November- 1st December 2018
Aula Magna del Aulario de Guajara .Universidad de La Laguna San Cristóbal de La Laguna. S/C de Tenerife.

First day: The Hard Local, the Soft Global. How to generate a local productive ecosystem from the new modes of P2P and distributed production. T

Second day: From competitive and global territories to collaborative and glocal territories. What are the essential elements, what are the priority actions to be developed, what should be the role of the various actors involved, how can the transition process be financed, how can the results be measured and evaluated, etc.?

Third day: Workshop. Design and development of collaborative business models.

This event aims to generate and consolidate the Canary Islands collaborative ecosystem, with the following objectives:

- Dissemination of the principles of the collaborative, social and solidarity economy
- Promote collaborative initiatives
- Promote, support and disseminate responsible guidelines with the environment
- Promote the new technologies of digital manufacturing and energy self-generation
- Promote collective financing
- Promote open education, the responsible use of new technologies
- Promote the development of new collaborative platforms
- New models of P2P and distributed production
- Change to collaborative and global territories
- Promote educational projects supported by Arduino

In the framework of the international conference Sharing Islands 2018, on sharing economy we present the Parallel Activities that will take place in Tenerife on November 29th and 30th.

Tenerife, 29th November

11:00 hrs. Presentation. Opportunities for European entrepreneurs in the sharing economy. SharEEN project.

15:15 – 18:00 Workshop “Canarias Fab City territory”

Speed dating. The aim is to give all the attendees the opportunity to talk with everyone during the same time (3 min), with the aim of exchanging contact information and identifying potential collaborators.

Workshop “Canarias territorio Fab City
The objective of this meeting is to start the bases for incorporate the Canary Islands in the FabCities network (https://fab.city/), representatives of different Fab Lab of the Island, representatives of the Maker ecosystem, Public Administration, University and leading entities in the sector, will be invited.

Tenerife, 29th and 30th November
Exhibition Area of Collaborative Initiatives in Europe. Enterprise Europe Network. In different panels located in the area of access to the Aula Magna will be given option to expose initiatives of collaborative economy of the Canary Islands. If you are interested in exhibiting your initiative, please contact shareen@itccanarias.org and we will send you the template.

The event is promoted by the SharEEN Project consortium, one of the pilot Projects of the call "Opportunities for European Entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy" financing by Europe Parlament. https://www.shareen.eu/ .

The Consortium will participate and attend the Tenerife event.

The event provides an opportunity to exchange ideas, initiative and future collaboration within the sharing economy.