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SIAL 2020 - Meet Buyers

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Brokerage Event
From 18/10/2020
To 21/10/2020
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82 Avenue des Nations

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Deadline for registration 4th October 2020
Registration: (4 months left)


SIAL is the world's leading food industry show which takes place
every two years in Paris.

In 2020, SIAL Paris will be a bigger source of inspiration than ever for the world's food industry: 7,000 companies from more than 100 countries will be presenting their products to retail and foodservice professionals.

All manner of food products, from ingredients through equipment to end products, will be on show, across 21 exhibition sectors.
SIAL Innovation will once again be casting the spotlight on a host of innovative food products.

A brokerage event is organised in SIAL by Enterprise Europe Network Normandie and Paris Ile de France.

The event will organise face-to-face buyer-producer meetings based on specific requests from the international buyers. Producers from all over Europe will travel to Paris to present their products during the pre-booked meetings. This new type of event is an initiative from Enterprise Europe Network - aiming to connect buyers and producers of the food sector.

Registration and participation of the buyers : free of charge.

Registration and participation in this event for the suppliers is not free of charge. The cost is 350 euros for the first scheduled meeting with a buyer and the following meetings 200 euros. The invoice will be sent only after the validation of your agenda.
For meetings between supliers, the cost is 75 euros.

Regarding this special period, we had instructions in order to help the resumption of activity of our companies as much as possible.
That’s why we are thinking with our partner Business France to redefine the price of this action for companies which will have meetings with buyers. At this moment, we don’t have the final price. But the price could be 100 euros per booked meeting.

However, only participants with scheduled meetings will be accepted to the event. Travel and accommodation is at your own expense. Buyers and producers are encouraged to register on the event's website:

Any network partner that (possibly) has clients that match the requests of the buyers is welcome to become coorganizer. Coorganizers will be added here continously upon commitment.