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SIDOmatch - IoT/AI/Robotics brokerage event @ SIDO (The IoT Showroom) in Lyon, France

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Brokerage Event
From 10/04/2019
To 11/04/2019
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50 quai Charles de Gaulle

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Deadline for registration 1st April 2019
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The 5th edition of SIDO (the intelligence of things showroom), will take place in Lyon the 10-11 April 2019 at the Lyon Convention Centre (Cité internationale).

Our organisation, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises will organise the third edition of SIDOmatch - brokerage event (formerly IoTMatch)

Open to all private and public players (companies, clusters, research laboratories...)

Matchmaking/Brokerage event platform :

Information about the fair :

The fair is growing since 2015 and became the most important IoT fair in France. Plus this time, AI and robotics will be added as main topics of the fair. 10 000 visitors and 450 exhibitors are expected. In 2017 and 2018, the brokerage event generated about 100 participants and 200 meetings.

The brokerage event targets the 3 technologies groups of IoT, AI & Robotics + applications markets :
- Internet of Things (5G, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, cloud, cryptocurrencies, machine to machine, parts/kits, printing/scanning, processors/chips, protocols / telecom / infrastructures, quantum computing, sensors / sensor networks)
- Robotics (consumer robotics, industrial robotics, hardware for robots, software for robots, UAVs / Drones)
- Artificial Intelligence (algorithms, AR/MR/VR, data analytics, data collection, digital assistant, facial/visual recognition, machine learning, voice/sound recognition)
- Applications markets (agrifood/agritech, customer experience, energy & utilities, healthcare, home, lifestyle/entertainment, manufacturing industry, transport & logistics, security & safety, smart city, other)

More generally, the event goal is to tackle the main issues related to the IoT, AI and robotics sectors:
- Drive tomorrow's uses and encourage companies to imagine new services and reinvent their business models.
- Create an innovation culture in companies and organisations.
- Decipher and understand the challenges of the IoT, AI and robotics sectors.
- Identify the growth levers and business opportunities.
- Remove the constraints on the development of the IoT, AI and robotics sectors.
- Discover innovative products and services.
- Stay ahead of the curve and rethink development strategies.
- Help to imagine and design a connected and intelligent project with the right partners.

The planned activities for the two days are not fixed yet but business, technology, research cooperation meetings are targeted.
"How to" conferences, collaborative and open platform presentations and meetings, good practices exchange and sectoral use cases/applications + meeting with foreign delegations are planned.

Please contact me if you want to become a co-organiser of SIDOmatch @ SIdO 2019 !
I will send you a kit for communication and dissemination to your clients.

The event has been presented to the ICT Sector Group and put on the 2019 rolling plan.

Registration are now open on Merlin for Network partners interested in the brokerage event.

Registration : January 17 to April 1
Meetings selection : March 11 to April 8