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Silver Day Normandie 2019

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Brokerage Event
From 27/09/2019
To 27/09/2019
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Place Maréchal Foch

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Deadline for registration 20th September 2019
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Strongly involved in the development of the Silver Economy (seniors economy, assisted ambient living, ageing), the Normandie region kindly invites you to the "Silver Day Normandy " edition 2019 with conferences, networking and BtoB meetings with local stakeholders.

Expected companies involved are in the fields of:
- Agrifood/nutrition,
- E-health
- Housing/Domotics
- Care assistant
- Mobility
- Tourism
But also:
- Public organisations,
- Health organisations,
- Hospital centres...

This annual event aims to promote the networking of all the silver economy partners (service companies for people, industrial, ...) and to discuss the opportunities of the sector.

It is a way to network, to make business and to make your company visible in a region where 25% of the population is aged over 60 years old (a figure that will continue to increase over the coming years).

We are attending to arrange around 100 meetings.

Maximum price for attending: 50 euros

Program of the day:

The morning will be dedicated to conferences on:
- Inclusive Housing
- new services for elderly people
- evolution of consumers' behaviour

The afternoon will be devoted to BtoB meetings between industry stakeholders, to facilitate synergies between professionals of this ecosystem (companies, associations, the health actors, nursing home, local authorities) and to bring supply and demand for the emergence of new projects.

But also several workshops will take place on : nutrition, health and e-health, innovative management on home care services ( ex. Buutzorg), universal design/design fiction.

Why you should participate?

- to get together supply and demand
- to have key information about the development of the sector
- to present, discuss and develop new projects
- to initiate national and transnational partnerships

The event is located in Granville, Normandy west coast!