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SMM2019 - Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2019

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 20/11/2019
To 22/11/2019
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Rende CS
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via Marconi n. 59

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Host organisation: 
SPIN - Ricerca Innovazione e Trasferimento Tecnologico SRL
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Deadline for registration 31st October 2019
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Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing and revitalizing all the industrial operations. Companies are facing new challenges but also they are taking advantages from the opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution.

Conference, workshop and brokerage SMM2019 event provides an unique opportunity to meet scientists, researchers and company managers who are working in the area of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. They will keep up date on the latest matching advanced technologies, innovation demand of institutions and cities, new applications from SMEs, and technical challenges of large companies.

The event is organised in conjunction between University of Calabria researcher groups and Enterprise Europe Network partners, SPIN and other ones, jointly co-organized with several stakeholders for Industry 4.0.

All the SMM2019 events refer to several topics related to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, the main aspects are:
- Digital Twin
- Industrial Internet of Things
- Applications of Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality in Industry
- Big data Analytics
- Cyber Physical Systems
- Simulation
- Autonomous Robot
- AI & Machine Learning for Industrial applications
- Additive Manufacturing
- Cyber security and Cloud
- Human Machine interfaces
- Human to Machine cooperation
- Predictive Maintenance
- System integration
- Autonomous production
- Horizontal and Vertical integration

The whole SMM19 event is divided into:
- International Conference, ISM2019. Authors are invited to submit original and not previously published articles on differences from Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing related to the topics of the event;
- Brokerage event. B2B session offers access to B2B meetings and access to specialised R&D infrastructures;
- International workshop WIN-LOG 2019 for companies, R&D projects, installations;
- invNET to support compianies and startups in projects, actions and visions with a social and enviroment impact.

Brokerage event platform: https://smm2019.b2match.io/
Info about the conference: http://www.msc-les.org/conf/ism2019/index.html
Info about the workshop: http://www.innovazione-rdlog.it/winlog2019/
invNET platform: http://www.smm2019.eu/invnet/