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Technology Transfer Webinar 21: Data Protection in Japan in a post GDPR World

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From 05/10/2018
To 05/10/2018


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EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
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The EU-Japan Centre (EEN Japan) launched the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk (http://www.eu-jp-tthelpdesk.eu/), a new service aimed at supporting EU and Japanese companies and individuals in their steps to search for and acquire technologies, as well as bridging the knowledge gap about current available technologies from both Japan and the EU.

The service is dedicated to:
- European companies, universities, and research institutions
- Japanese companies, universities, and research institutions
- European and Japanese individuals working for the above entities

Within this frame a series of Technology Transfer Webinars covering various technology transfer topics will be held.


In a business environment that is becoming increasingly interconnected and dependent on data exchange, protection of data is one of the most sensible legal topics to deal with. The implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) in May 2018 has set new standards to protect personal data also beyond the territory of the European Union.

This webinar seeks to provide an overview of the applicable legal framework of data protection to European businesses operating in Japan and addresses how to cope with these requirements in practice. Various issues commonly arising in this context will be discussed, including the major differences between the GDPR and the data protection regulations in Japan.

In this webinar, we will amongst other topics cover the following:

- What data protection regime applies to businesses of European Investors in Japan?
- What legal grounds exist for the processing of personal data in Japan?
- What are the major differences between the GDPR and the data protection in Japan?
- Can personal data, such as customer data, be legally transferred from Japan to countries of the European Union? If so, what legal criteria must be complied with?

Registration deadline: 04/10/2018

Registration online: https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/tech-transfer-webinar-21-data-protection-...