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TechSummit 2018

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 06/06/2018
To 07/06/2018
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Trnavská cesta 27/A

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B I C Bratislava, spol. s r.o.
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Deadline for registration 3rd June 2018
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TechSummit 2018 is a two-day conference with an exhibition and accompanying brokerage event focused on strategic technology areas in Digital Economy.

Part of the event are a few subconferences focused on:
- Internet of Things/Industry 4.0
- Smart cities
- Smart hospital
- Artificial intelligence
- Cyber security
- Start-ups.

GENIUS LOCI TechSummit 2018 – the atmosphere of the conference is expressed by the topic, people and activities.
Topic is the pace of rapidly changing world with all its challenges and issues. We are drawing our curiosity to the human activity which is for now marginalized, but will be soon at the very centre.

Our guests are innovators who are engaged in inspiring, recommending and cooperating with others for higher purposes. Not only speakers are the important ones at our conferences, but everyone, because of the potential of inspiration and cooperation which everyone brings here.

To fulfill our aim, to inspire you with the new partners and ideas, we are providing you the balanced program with active listening, mutual dialogues and the touching spirit of innovation.
The sense and pleasure of the TechSummit 2018 is the moment when the meeting is transformed to the cooperation, relationship, to the exchange and trade.
TechSummits 2018 is the place for meetings for all concerned parties:
- Innovators – leaders, visionaries, and projects promoters, creatives. Those who create innovation.
- The companies – those bring innovations into our everyday reality. On the other hand, even the companies from different competitive environment that are touched by the course of trade which is significantly changed or even jeopardized by the innovation.
- State and the legislators – those who are settling the trade rules and are willing to search for the best solution for all concerned.
- Municipalities – such state local authorities’ representatives.
Enthusiasts – pioneers and disseminator of the creative ideas who are responsible for spreading of the innovation among people.