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Virtual Brokerage Event in the framework of the International Fair of Metal Processing STOM 2020

Event type:
Brokerage Event
From 23/09/2020
To 23/09/2020
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ul. Zakładowa 1

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Host organisation: 
Staropolska Izba Przemysłowo-handlowa
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Deadline for registration 17th September 2020
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The Enterprise Europe Network in liaison with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Staropolska in Kielce is going to organise a virtual brokerage event in the framework of the international fair of metal processing Stom 2020. The VIth edition of brokerage event at the Stom fairs will be the occasion to meet potential partners from all over the world, representing metal and machine industry.

This is an online, virtual matchmaking event. Due to the recent development of Covid-19 and the insecure situation at the moment around the world, there will be no on-site meetings.

The event will be organized on 23rd of September 2020 in the frame of 13th sheet metal processing and cutting fair Stom-Blech & Cutting, 13th metal processing, tools and machine tools fair Stom-Tool, 7th industrial laser and laser technology expo Stom-Laser, 3rd industrial robotics expo, 28th fair of industrial measuring technology Control-Stom, 15th international fair of welding technology and equipment Welding, 11th exhibition of corrosion protection technology and surface treatment Expo-Surface, 12th 3D printing days, 7th virtual processing trade fair Wirtoprocesy.
The Stom fairs held in Kielce is the showcase for the latest technologies as well as machines, the state-of-the-art technologies, tools and materials used in metal processing, including laser and water cutting systems, bending and forming, die shearing and painting, machines, equipment and technological solutions as well as materials used in the welding industry, the display is complemented with computer systems designed to support welding processes, automated equipment, robots, technological lines and technical gases.
Branches targeted by the event:
machines, equipment and technologies for shaving treatment, for plastic treatment, for metalworking, for thermal treatment, CNC lathes, metalworking technology accessories, robots, automatics, metalworking process lines, laser cutting machines, presses, guillotine scissors, welding, laser welding, abrasive equipment and materials, chemicals, lubricants, components, coolers, etc., tools, services, repairs, maintenance and modernisation, second-hand machines, control-measuring equipment, measurement technique and material testing, quality control, software, computer-aided design of treatment processes, equipment factories and warehouses, marking machines, environmental protection, recycling, industrial safety, and hygiene at work, protective equipment and machines, training, certification, institutions, institutes, associations, R&D entities, professional journals.

Costs of participation: free of charge.