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Western Balkans 2022 Economic Mission

Event type:
Company Mission
From 24/05/2022
To 31/05/2022
Location country: 
North Macedonia
Location city: 
Location address: 
Ul. Bitpazarska 90/2 Skopje MK, 1000, North Macedonia

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Deadline for registration 15th May 2022
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The Romanian economic mission in Western Balkans, organized between May 24 and 31, 2022, aims to establish B2B meetings with the business community in this area, networking activities with officials and influential people, identifying potential business partners and the opportunity to promote the company to the events that will be organized in this economic mission.

The Romanian delegation will visit the 3 countries of the Balkan region (Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia) and consists of a business tour through the Western Balkans with professional and cultural meetings in the cities of Skopje, Pristina, Podgorita, Tirana, Durres, Moscopole, Bitola, Ohrid, Crușevo and is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, international marketing specialists and people interested in Balkan culture.

The following economic forums will be organized within the economic mission:
- Romanian-Montenegrin Economic Forum (May 26, 2022, Podgorita);
- Romanian-Albanian Economic Forum (May 27, 2022, Tirana);
- Economic Forum Româno-Nord Macedonian (May 30, Skopje).

Representatives of the Romanian Embassies from these countries will participate in these economic forums, the local Chambers of Commerce will be invited, representatives of the local authorities from some municipalities but also local companies.
The economic forums will include B2B meetings with the business community in this area, networking activities will be organized with officials and key people, and the ultimate goal will be to identify potential business partners or collaborators. In addition, the necessary conditions will be allocated to promote the company / institution in the forum.

In addition to all the activities and business meetings, the entrepreneurs will have another experience, which will take place in Macedonia, where they will tour the city of Bitola, the villages of Baba, Crusova and Ohrid and interact with the Aromanian community in the region.

Target group for economic mission: Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Enthusiastic intrapreneurs, freelancers, experts from different fields, representatives of NGOs and public authorities.

The participation at this event is not restricted to clients of the organizers.

The method of registration: interested persons can register at this link https://www.afaceri.ro/afaceri-ro-economic-mission-in-western-balkans/ until May 20, 2022.