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Workshop on Innovation financing and SME support mechanisms, Zlatibor, Serbia (Regional Conference on Experimental and Numerical Investigations and New Technologies - CNN TECHNO 2021)

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Conference/Seminar/Information Day
From 01/07/2021
To 01/07/2021
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Miladina Pecinara 26

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Innovation Center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade
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Deadline for registration 25th June 2021
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CNN TECHNO 2021 is a regional innovation conference, aimed at technology parks, academic and business community. This year the conference focuses on presentations and discussions of knowledge, new perspectives, experiences, and innovations, both in business as well as the science in the region comprising Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Bosnia Herzegovina. The participants outside the region are welcome to join in person or through a virtual platform. The conference takes place for the 5th time this year!

The program includes 3 sessions: - Opportunities for SME financing, Innovation funding mechanisms and how protection of intellectual property can drive innovation for SMEs, and how to convert science through smart management of intellectual property into business and value. IP session is planned about intellectual property management, national patent protection, and international patent protection. And naturally, the program leaves a lot of options for the exchange of ideas and networking! For a detailed program, see http://cnntechno.com.

We invite business promoters, entrepreneurs, and researchers to register, for tree workshops organized on July 1st, using email: cnntechno@gmail.com.