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Workshop INVESTIRE - Franco-Italian economic e-meetings in Centre-Val de Loire-funding and export opportunities in France for Italian companies

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From 23/09/2020
To 23/09/2020


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DEV'UP Centre Val de Loire
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Deadline for registration 21st September 2020
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The first half of 2020 saw the Italian and French economies seriously threatened. In order to recover together, and following on from the first edition held in 2019, which highlighted the close links between the Centre-Val de Loire and Italy, a new "Investire" event is being proposed to emphasise the international links between the two counterparts. An initiative by the regional agency promoting the economic development DEV'UP with EEN support, which aims at building up a collective of French and Italian entrepreneurs wishing to develop on both sides of the Alps.. The objective of the workshop is to detect and facilitate commercial and technological partnerships and to provide entrepreneurs with tailored support to help them in : - offer and request of suppliers or subcontractors,
-request of technological partnerships,
- request for commercial offices
- R&D partner to build up a EU consortium for instance.

Specific markets are targeted such as health and pharma, cosmetics, food processing, digital, energy, aeronautics and defence, luxury goods and arts and crafts.