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Daylight-activated antimicrobial nanomembrane for integration into current products or for new products creation.


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4 December 2023 - 3 December 2024
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Commercial agreementSupplier agreement
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General information

Short Summary
Czech company specializes in developing nanomembranes with innovative antimicrobial properties. The product on offer excels in capture and elimination of pathogens in a short time when activated with visible light (420-450nm). This provides a passive and active function guaranteeing the user‘s protection. The nanomembrane can be combined with standard non-woven and woven textiles. Client is looking for partners interested in developing innovative products.
Full Description
A Czech company was established in 2020 in order to unlock the full potential of nanofibers by adding antimicrobial properties.
The proprietary technology consists of a dense network of nanofibers that effectively prevent the passage of pathogens. The active compounds encapsulated into each nanofiber activate the sterilization process when daylight (420-450nm) is shined upon them. This immediately eliminates any bacteria or viruses on the surface of the textile.
The nanomembrane can be combined virtually with any textile, both woven and non-woven. It is electrospun directly onto a non-woven material which is the desired substrate for final application. Alternatively, the material can be electrospun into a sacrificial substrate and laminated into the desired substrate while, after lamination process the sacrificial substrate is removed.

Examples of substrate:
- Paper (for packaging applications)
- Spunbond/meltblown (for air and water filtration)
- Medical polyurethane foam (wounds healing)
Advantages and Innovations
Main advantages are:
- Solution works with light and oxygen to create potent and short lived antimicrobial agents
- Capable of dealing with the most resistant bacteria and viruses
- Bacteria cannot create resistance to the solution
- Activation can be performed several times, in between activations the passive barrier
functioned is maintained.
- Great safety profile (tested by certified body)
- 99.99% Effective (tested by certified body)

- Silver is a widely used antimicrobial agent, but it accumulates in the tissue and its toxic to cells.
- Chlorhexidine is a chemical antimicrobial agent, which can create immense problems when
bacteria become resistant to it.
- Other technologies like Polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB) work relatively well but there are
doubts about their safety in humans, PHMB has been labeled as potential carcinogenic in EU
since 2014.
Stage of Development
Available for demonstration
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
We looking partners open to development and co-development projects in the field of nanomaterials. Potential partner should be active in health segment (wound healing). Other relevant segments can be air & water filtration and packaging. Potential clients we offer integration our antimicrobial technology into an existing product or developing a new product.
Type and Size of Partner
SME 11-49SME 50 - 249Big companyR&D InstitutionOther
Type of partnership
Commercial agreementSupplier agreement

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03005007 - Textile fibres
Market keywords
05005001 - Allergy research05004006 - Surgical instrumentation and equipment05005019 - 'Surgery and Anaesthesiology
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