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Portuguese company wants to act as a distributor and seeks partners for commercial representation for green hydrogen production equipment


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Business request
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28 July 2023 - 27 July 2024
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Type of partnership
Commercial agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
A Portuguese services SME with more than 15 years’ experience in technical analysis and implementation of energy solutions is looking for green hydrogen production equipment to commercialize and install in the tertiary and industrial market under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.The SME is involved in several processes within the scope of the national energy strategy, the energy transition and more recently in others, namely in projects in the area of green hydrogen production.
Full Description
The PT SME is located in the north of Portugal, Oporto has knowledge of the PT market, experience in installation, repair and maintenance of electrical, gas and renewable equipment, and water supply business, for more than 15 years. This company has customers, with experience in energy distribution and retail, with more than 250K end customers in Portugal, and more than 2500 company´s (industrial market) who intend to use green hydrogen production technology, namely producers/distributors of ceramics, gas and water, as well as metal mechanics company´s and others, wanting to optimize energy consumption and price.

It is precisely in relation to hydrogen that the company identifies the ceramics and metalworking sector as being of interest to contribute to its decarbonization.

The knowledge of the market, as well as the excellent relationship with existing customers, and the experience in the business, allow the SME to leverage this business and guarantee the desired success.

The company intends to evolve in the hydrogen production business, as a project company, commercialization with technical assistance and installation of hydrogen production and storage equipment, in the tertiary and industrial market, so is looking for a partner with hydrogen production technology wanting to disseminate these products.

The SME wants to take advantage of the opportunity open by European Funds and is looking for world leaders in the energy technology sector, contributing to ensuring a sustainable and decarbonized future for the economic and industrial activity, with a portfolio of “Zero Emission” solutions (Battery Systems, Fuel Cells, ePowertrain Systems and Electrolyser Systems) for the production of green hydrogen.
Advantages and Innovations
Taking advantage of the opportunity provided by European funds, the SME is interested in developing installations with electricity produced from renewable sources, such as a photovoltaic system that will be combined with an electrolyser and a storage system for renewable hydrogen produced on site.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 13: Climate ActionGoal 7: Affordable and Clean EnergyGoal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Industrial partners that manufacture and/or distribute technological solutions for hydrogen production.
The partner sought needs to have his products distributed and looks for a distributor specialized in providing this function and wanting to establish a commercial agreement.
The SME is looking for world leaders in the energy technology sector, committed to ensuring a sustainable and decarbonized future for the most diverse sectors of economic and industrial activity. With a portfolio of “Zero Emission” solutions including Battery Systems, Fuel Cells, ePowertrain Systems and Electrolyser Systems for the production of hydrogen.
Type and Size of Partner
Big companySME 11-49SME 50 - 249SME <=10
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

Call details

Coordinator required
IPR description
Innovative technical solutions for hydrogen production and storage, with special interest on the solution of using a mixture of green hydrogen and natural gas will, from the outset, reduce CO2 emissions and will pave the way, in the long run, for operation with 100% hydrogen.


Technology keywords
04005004 - Photovoltaics004002001 - Fuel cell, hydrogen production04001003 - Storage of electricity, batteries
Market keywords
06008 - Energy Storage06010003 - Energy for Industry006005007 - Other alternative energy (including nuclear energy)
Sector Groups Involved
Renewable EnergyEnergy-Intensive Industries
Targeted countries
All countries