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Spanish Oak Logging Company is seeking international partners for commercial and/or outsourcing agreement.


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18 June 2024 - 18 June 2025
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Commercial agreementOutsourcing agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
This logging company from Northern Spain, the largest oak sawmill in the country, specializes in the integral management of European oak forests, including lumber, structural timber, solid flooring, and bioenergy. They are seeking new international partners under commercial and/or outsourcing agreement.
Full Description
This logging company, the largest oak sawmill in Spain, is a business group committed to the integral management of forest products. They conduct a comprehensive 360º utilization of raw materials from European forests. Located in Cantabria and Burgos (Spain) across three work centers, the company manages European forests according to sustainable development principles, ensuring biodiversity, productivity, and regeneration capacity.

They purchase entire forests where various species and wood qualities coexist, including European white oak, American red oak (European origin), beech, ash, walnut, chestnut, Lawson cypress, and poplar. Specialists in European oak, both white oak and American red oak (European origin), they supply oak logs to the timber industry.


European Oak Planks: They manufacture European oak planks (white and red), both unedged and edged. With their own kiln dryers, they offer air-dried and kiln-dried options.

Beams for Structural Use: They produce European oak beams for structural applications.

European Oak Solid Flooring: As one of the few European parquet manufacturers that handles the entire manufacturing process in-house, from forest management to the final finish, they produce high-quality, competitive solid flooring under their brand. They are the largest manufacturer of large-format solid oak flooring in Europe and can manufacture on request.

Wood Pellets: Made from 100% wood, their wood pellets are highly competitive due to the integration of biomass manufacturing into their production process.

The company seeks to expand its product sales internationally and is looking for partners to work under commercial agreements. They are also offering their manufacturing services and are open to working under outsourcing agreements.
Advantages and Innovations
They are PEFC certified, ensuring that the world’s forests are managed responsibly. They also have CE marking, guaranteeing that their products fulfill European directives.

They manage and classify each species and its quality according to the end use. Traceability enables them to keep track of their products from the source. By purchasing forest parcels directly and carrying out complete forest management, they can produce the most competitive products.

They offer treatments and wood stains, as well as brushing and detailed work on beams and joists. They also have their own dryers to achieve an optimal level of humidity in their products.

They handle national and international transport and container management.

The company is also committed to promoting employment. They believe this supports the development of rural communities. Wood consumption leads to the regeneration of woodlands, job creation, and population growth in rural areas.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
As a result of their production, they obtain high-quality lumber to supply various industries, including packaging, furniture, coffins, railways, cooperage, industrial carpentry, and gardening, among others.

They offer European oak planks, beams (solid sawn wood for structural use), solid flooring, and DINplus wood pellets to their customers.

The company is seeking reliable partners to work under commercial agency or distribution agreements. They are also open to offering manufacturing agreements.

Potential partners could come from the construction, trade, or manufacturing sectors, such as:

Commercial agents, representatives, or distributors for industrial producers in the wood sector, solid flooring, and pellets.
Construction companies, landscape design companies, etc.
Other wood processing companies that require these products according to individual specifications.
The potential partner is expected to have expertise and knowledge of the local construction market.
Type and Size of Partner
Big companySME 11-49SME 50 - 249SME <=10
Type of partnership
Commercial agreementOutsourcing agreement

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07002001 - Forest technology07002004 - Silviculture, Forestry07002005 - Wood Products
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06003009 - Biomass and Biofuels09007002 - Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems07004003 - Home furnishing and housewares07004005 - Furnishing and Furniture
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