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3D printing services are offered by a Cypriot company in the frame of an outsourcing as well as services agreement.

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A Cypriot company, specialized in providing 3D printing services, is offering its services to companies from Europe and beyond under a services agreement. Also, the company is offering prototyping solutions and design three-dimensional materialization within the frame of an outsourcing agreement.



The Cypriot company, which was established in 2002, is an official representative of an American company which engineers and produces 3D printers.
The Cypriot company provides 3D printing services. Specifically, it provides professional and specialized training, both hardware and software, for the purchased 3D printer device of any client's choice. Through its professional 3D modelling technicians, the company can provide various training schemes.

It can materialize 3D models, it is able to receive 3D files of its clients’ choices and it can produce 3D printer prototypes for clients’ examination. If the outcome is the desirable one, the company offers the choice of a various selection of materials and quantities from which the clients can choose to finalize their products.

The company’s service production process follows the below steps:
Once, the potential customers have a 3D dimensional idea that they wish to materialize, the company’s team helps them to finalize a digitally completed product and then actually produce (3D print) the relevant prototype of the initial idea. The Cypriot company offers material options to produce the original 3D printed prototype in numbers, through its associates and partners in the 3D printing market across Europe.

The 3D printing services provided by the Cypriot company could prove useful to all professionals who require demonstration models to showcase their work to customers.
Potential partners could be from architects who show their maquettes, engineers who need injection moulding to dentists who require an easy and understandable way to demonstrate dentures.
The company services could provide an alternative low-cost solution to many professionals who were discouraged to go into excessive cost in order to provide those parts of their profession.

The company occupies a number of people with specific attributes according to each section they are involved in. The staff consists of experienced 3D specialists/technicians providing reliable maintenance.
The company with its experienced 3D modeller and a fully equipped workshop can take on any 3D modelling project, either to produce the desired 3D files or the actual 3D printed product of any client's need.

It can produce or print out 200m3 of 3D printed models every day.

Two of the company's models of 3D printers have also been awarded. Both products have received highly recommended and reliability certificates.

The company has also participated in an international B2B business exhibition-conference in Cyprus.

The Cypriot company is looking for potential partners from abroad in order to provide its 3D printing services to them under a services agreement. Potential partners should be any kind of business interested in being provided or trained on 3D printing services. Further, the Cypriot company is offering to perform prototyping solutions and intricate design three-dimensional materialization within the frame of an outsourcing contract.

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Although 3D printing is not to substitute manufacturing, the 70% of manufacturing companies adopted 3D printing in their processes, while they expect 3D printers will be used for high-volume production in the next 5-7 years. The prototypes, that the company produces, cannot be produced in any other way faster, cheaper, and more customizable. Some of the prototypes are so intricate, that cannot even be produced any other way except 3D printed. The 3D printing can be proved useful in education (design and build projects using 3D printing and modelling services, present of projects in a professional way), in manufacturing (development of post-production prototypes, elimination of mistakes in mass production with 3D printing rapid prototyping), in architecture and design modelling (physical scale models, review and test your designs before final decisions), in fashion and product design (fabrication of ideas through 3D printing, print of parts or whole design projects using 3D printing). It includes a comprehensive workshop with experienced technicians. The strategic geographical location of Cyprus facilitates the Cypriot company to promote its business and find potential partners from Southern European, Northern African and Middle East countries.

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The Cypriot company seeks collaboration under a services agreement with potential partners that are in need of prototyping solutions, rare spare part design and forming, and intricate design three-dimensional materialization. Potential partners should be interested in a company to which they could outsource part of their business process within the frame of an outsourcing agreement. Potential partners could be any type of company providing services: from architects who show their maquettes, engineers who need injection moulding to dentists who require an easy and understandable way to demonstrate dentures, etc.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250