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A Ukrainian company has expertise in development and integration of additive technologies and hybrid materials into existing and newly developed parts and production processes for aerospace and other industrial sectors. The company is now looking to develop its technology and know-how and is looking for a partner in Europe. Joint venture agreement is envisaged.



Ukrainian developer of new processes and hybrid materials on the basis of additive manufacturing technologies. The company has already successfully implemented some projects with Ukrainian aviation and space industrial partners. Also, the company is presented widely in many other industries of Ukraine and wants to expand its potential on EU market.

Their expertise and services are focused on development and production of light-weight high-performance structures using hybrid combination of technologies - Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) additive process and additional treatment that improve part properties.

In their R&D and industry-oriented projects company use high performance FDM materials supplied by EU manufacturers.

Now the company works in the next directions:

1. Combination of FDM thermoplastic and composite materials with metal powder to realize conductive paths
2. Hybrid customized thermoplastic honeycomb and composite structures
3. Development of manufacturing process and production of FDM airtight parts up to 20 bars pressure with predefined distortion loads
4. Electromagnetic protection of thermoplastic parts
5. Embedded hardware, electronics and wires in customized additive final parts
The company seeks to develop and implement projects focused on the development of new improved composite materials for use in the aerospace and space industries, and therefore seeks to conclude a joint venture agreement. Preferred partners are research institutes or private companies with experience in the development of lightweight composite materials. If the potentional partner is also experienced in promoting such developments, it would be an advantage

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-Improvement of thermoplastic material properties; -production of parts with high strength-to-weight ratio; -production of structures with high stiffness and complex geometry; -ready to use custom assemblies; -material protection for special applications

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company seek cooperation with partner with experience in the development of lightweight composite materials, who is interested in abovementioned materials and technologies. The company want to establish a cooperation focused on the development of new improved composite materials for use in the aerospace and aerospace industries. In case of technologies under development and new ones, the company is looking for a partner who wants to cooperate in development process and test the abovementioned materials. The experience in promoting such developments would be an advantage.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,SME 51-250